Retrograde – directed or moving backwards.

What an often evil thing, but in reality, it may be a reverse that offers us a chance to be someone new. To discover new things. To change our perspectives. I read a post this week that said “do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better.”

I am trying really hard this week to put that thought first. I know better. I am better. I may not always think I am “good,” but damned if I don’t know better. I was given this courageous spirit, this courageous light, and the power of honesty. Damned. If. I. Don’t. Know. Better.

I am currently on another path of reversal in life. Though I don’t try to manifest bad thoughts and actions often, somehow I always end up 20 steps backwards.

With that being said, you know, I don’t think I can fight it anymore. I think this is a part of my life’s journey. I think I just have to accept that no matter the ups, the lows will be mighty low. And they are MY responsibility. And I will hold MYSELF accountable.

On the topic of retrograde, I totally feel in my body and environments that there is something changing. Currently I feel like I have had a hard time receiving, a hard time expressing, and I want isolation. But, I have a job to do, people that need me, and people that I need. It is a strange time of feeling unbalanced.

I thought of this funny title, “How to Talk to Humans,” because I wanted to pose it more as a question – how do you talk to people when you’re trouble with expressing and receiving? I feel like there is no good answer. I guess you just have to be, with others. Sometimes silence is better than saying nothing, just listening.

So, during this retrograde, if anyone is out there feeling the same negative energies I am currently, or experiencing any kind of “20 steps back,” I am sending you the love I can carry. It is not much, but it is something. Do not fight your instincts, if you want to be alone, give yourself space. Hold space for yourself until this awakening is over. I believe in times of retrograde, we are meant to experience drawing back as a device to discovery. We get a chance to learn something new about ourselves, carry that thought with you not just for now, but always.

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