Life is unreal at the moment — I am laying in bed after a long day of work. Ahem, a long WEEK of work that is winding down to Friday. For once I am not feeling that excitement for Friday because it is finally a few days to be out of the office, but because I have gone throughout the week feeling excited for work every day and I am consistently motivated to keep busy over the weekend!

What I am grateful for most about this integrative yoga life is that it’s not just the vinyasa’s, the breathing, the Ayurvedic cleanses, the chanting, the soothing chimes and singing bowls. What I am grateful for most about this integrative yoga life is that it has made me discover my ability to FIND yoga in my every day life, off the mat. It has given me the confidence and peace of mind to know that no matter what, tasks will get done. That I can ask for help. That I can ask others if they need help. That I can make mistakes, stumble humiliatingly at times (and I am very often clumsy), but I can always come back stronger, smarter, more resilient, and maybe McGuyver a few things here and there just by the knowledge I already have.

I feel so open, yet again, to new opportunities, growth, change, and everything in-between. I have yoga to thank for that, in all of its phases and forms.

It is week two of my new job, and I am over the moon. I have been at my desk, in the shop, in my boots, training, working with machines, learning how to do tasks I’ve never done before, and every day I get in my truck to come home and I think “how lucky am I to have stumbled across such an amazing company, an amazing opportunity, and an unbreakable spirit through all of its labor!”

This is truly what life is about — finding your niche, finding your crowd, but always expanding into crowds you never thought would accept you. I am never afraid of much, but I always have this lingering doubt that people would ever find me useful after college. Sure, I worked my butt off even then, but what good is an artist, mostly self-taught/committed in everything, good for? What will I be to this world?

I believe it is only human to doubt yourself, especially when the future seems so intangible. You have worked, slept, ate, breathed, and bled for something you love so much and no one can take it away from you, until one day, you walk across a stage and the next day you sigh deeply and say “alright, now what’s next? Who am I going to be now?”

The answer, my friends, is anyone you want to be! Find the work you care about, find things that interest you, and just DIVE IN. It does NOT matter who you were years ago, who you were a day ago, an hour ago, or even this moment. The fact of the matter is, you can do absolutely anything in this world, and if you believe in yourself hard enough, sell yourself, and make it your life, you WILL succeed. You will find your niche. You will always be one step closer to the person you want to be, but most importantly, you will discover who you ARE.

Become the artist, become the yoga teacher, become the cad drafter, become the shop tech, become the friend, befriend all the friends, cherish those around you and see their strengths, be unconditional, be open and flexible to new ideas, new knowledge, new tools, and always find the passion to just be who YOU are.


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