I am currently sitting on my couch, listening to a symposium discussion led by a dear friend I made in yoga teacher training, and I am grinning from ear-to-ear.

How incredible it is that I have friends who are authentically themselves, career and future driven, and offer so much wisdom that they WANT to give to others. They want to help others, and they want to take the best steps selflessly that will provide pathways for not only other individuals futures, but for their own. It takes a true leader to selflessly stand up and say “I would not have gotten here if it wasn’t for those who guided me here.”

And with perfect timing, as I get home from my first day of my new job, I am feeling grateful.

I went to school, studied art, focused in Sculpture, and reached so many milestones in the short time I was there. I went into university blind, not knowing what I valued, or what I really valued in myself, and eventually opened up so many doors by just trusting the process of growth, and doing whatever I could to get my foot in the door of the possibilities I saw for myself. Sure, I am not making much art right now, but I never thought that my ART/DESIGN degree would lead into engineering divisions and programs. That’s right, I’m in the engineering field! (It’s scary, but exciting!)

Scary is definitely right about now, but I’ve never really been afraid of challenges. I don’t feel humiliated often, but that is mostly because I can take the pain, laugh it off, and just try again, and again, and again. I believe a lot of this has to do with those who have mentored me as well; the family that loves and supports me, and the school family that believed in me, too. The opportunities I was given and that I took without hesitation. The late nights in the studio offering help and discussion to those who had (not. a. clue) of what they were doing, what they were supposed to be doing, or where to start to get where they wanted to be.

To be completely honest, I owe my life to so many, I have been driven into so many good places because so many have pushed me to be the best I can be, and to dig deeper into what I care about most.

And my mentorships, as my symposium friend was discussing, broke all binaries. I have been mentored by women, men, children, elders….. and at times, dogs (mostly just Moose….), and our mutual relationships have given me the courage to be the future mentor and leader that I plan on (and hope) to be.

They have all given me the courage to sustain MY momentum.

Life is full of infinite possibilities, and everyone, every single person, has something to share with one another. Everyone has value, and it is so important that we continuously share our stories, provide good feedback, ask questions, do the things we WANT to do, and never be afraid to fail. Because we all know that those people we look up to, and share our failures, questions, and dreams with, were also once in the same walks of life we were.

Be a mentor, be a leader, connect, share, believe in yourself, AND DO ALL THE DAMN THINGS! (One day you could be a living, sleeping, dreaming artist, and next thing you know you find yourself wanting to jump into the sea of a field you never thought you would be good enough for!)


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