New Beginnings

Good morning, all!

As cliche as this will start, I look forward to sharing my stories and daily musings with you all! (Welcome to my blog!)

My name is Shanon Lee, I am 23, a dog mom, current love partner to my wonderful man, an artist, a gardener, sometimes a vegan, sometimes a meat eater, a yogi, a chef, a mechanic, a comedian, a thinker, a problem solver, a friend, and most importantly….a talker.

As I have entered these early years of adulthood, defining myself as a “talker” is both a blessing and a curse. This is an era, not only in my life but I am sure for many others who are ambitious and brave, where all we do is think and talk and think and talk and think and talk about the future, and our plans, and our dreams, and the things we hate, the things we’re searching for, the things we want to try, the things we are unsure about. We talk, about every, single, thing, worth talking about. The hardest part of this era of being, however, is finding a filter (especially when you live life pretty unfiltered most of the time). And by finding a filter, I mean knowing when it is okay to share with others. Knowing how to ask if mentally and emotionally, are those you want to share with in the right headspace for your conversation?

And with this thought in mind, a few days ago I decided it was time to start a blog. A space where I can release this never-ending dialogue built up in my head, but also create a platform for others to share discussion with me on any sorts of topics!

I so look forward to getting to hear you all!

SOOOOOOOO, for starters I bet you’re now thinking “what never-ending dialogue could this crazy chick be wanting to share?” Well, I will tell you that it is probably going to range from yoga, to just about everything else in my daily life. Things I catch, things I miss. New hobbies? Who knows? I believe I will mostly be sharing whatever new journeys I am on and daily I will attempt to post mostly yoga, and the integrative yoga world I live in.

A little bit about my yoga integration — I recently just completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training, as well as a 50 hour yoga teacher training on anatomy. So that makes me a whopping 250 hour CERTIFIED yoga teacher! How exciting! (All I have done so far is make business cards and this blog but I will get into more daily work soon (….hopefully.))

I look forward to promoting this blog for my yoga business, and I again, truly look forward to connecting with you all as I learn what it means to be a talker, thinker, yogi, and now blogger!


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